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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the program?

Our program spans a total of seven weeks, consisting of 136 hours of lecture and hands-on clinical training. In addition to their classes, our students are required to complete a 40-hour externship at a local dental office, and qualified students will be offered an opportunity to participate in an externship at one of our MINT locations.

When are the class days and times?


Morning Classes from 8am–12pm*
Afternoon Classes from 1pm–5pm*
Evening Classes from 6pm–10pm

*Not available at the Houston location

Am I qualified?

We require that our students have a high school diploma or GED and pass a background check.

What does it cost to apply?

We do not charge an application fee. Tuition is $4,000 and we have other interest-free payment plans.

Do you accept financial aid?

In order to offer our students federal aid, we would be forced to hold classes full-time Monday-Friday for eight months + terms. Rather than draw out our program over many months at a much greater cost to the individual student, we opted for a leaner program without federal aid. We are happy to offer interest-free payment plans to those students who cannot pay for our course upfront.

What are my prospects after graduation?

The job outlook for dental assistants is very positive! The US Bureau of Labor Statistics expects above average job growth for the dental assisting profession over the next 10 years and projects the need for more than 55,000 new dental assistants over that same time frame. Eligible students will have the opportunity for direct employment with MINT dentistry.

What will I learn?

Our unique, hands-on curriculum was designed by experienced dentists and dental assistants to teach our students exactly what they need to know to become valuable members of a dental team. Our classes are also taught directly inside a working dental practice. That means our students have the opportunity to learn dental assisting in the very same environment they will eventually be working in! Students begin each class with a morning lecture and class discussion, then move on to hands-on training for the lab portion of the course.

How do I start?

The first step to enrollment is to apply online and pass a background check. A representative from our Admissions Department will contact you to obtain additional information to complete your application and schedule an onsite tour of our facility at your request. Seats fill up quickly, so don’t hesitate! Call us and get moving toward your new career today!

How can your program be so fast?

Pure Dental Academy is a hands-on learning program. We take a different approach from traditional education. Our classes take place in a dental office rather than a classroom and there is a hands-on component to every part of our course. Our classes begin with a lecture and class discussion, but the majority of the class time is spent in labs learning the essential techniques of Dental Assisting. When our students graduate and begin their career, they feel right at home in a dental office.

How can a short course be as effective as a longer program?

As a newly hired Dental Assistant, your employer will have an expectation that you will know the basic skills of Dental Assisting. It’s those fundamental skills that we focus on teaching our students. Our custom designed curriculum sets students up for success in knowing exactly what dentists will expect them to know.

Will I be more qualified if I attend a longer program?

When you graduate from any dental assisting school you receive a certificate of completion. Many students ask if they can expect to make a higher starting salary if they attend a longer program. The starting salary for a Dental Assistant does not have anything to do with how much time you spend in a dental school or how much you pay for your schooling.

Who runs the school?

Our school is run by our Administrative Director and an amazing team of instructors and support staff. We believe it is our job to be on each student’s team for success. Our ultimate responsibility is to our students.

What is the training difference between this school and bigger schools?
We will only train 20 students at a time creating a more intimate classroom and a better teacher to student ratio.
We are a full-time school, so if you have questions outside of class times we are here to help!
This is a hands-on program so you can expect your skills to be better and to feel more comfortable in a dental office after this course.
You will have personal mentorship along the way and after you graduate.
We get to know our students personally. You will have access to your instructor’s personal cell phone number and are free to call/text anytime with questions regarding the program.
We guide and assist our students in applying for their TSDBE application. You will receive the same state license that you would get at a larger school for half of the time and a fraction of the cost.
You will finish in a shorter amount of time.
You will be debt-free.

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