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Start a rewarding career as a Dental Assistant

Trying to decide if a career as a dental assistant is right for you and how to get started? Dental assistant programs for entry-level assisting and to become a registered dental assistant are an affordable alternative to four-year universities.
Dental Assistant in Training
Dental assistants at Pure Dental Assistant Academy enjoy:
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Fast, affordable training
(7-week program)
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A secure and stable career with upward mobility in the healthcare field
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Long term job security
with positions available in every community
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Competitive pay
(According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, many RDA’s start off at more than $19 per hour)
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Flexible hours
(4-5 day work weeks)
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Positive, team-based office environment
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Ability to help and interact with patients
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Career that makes a difference in the lives of people through health and well-being
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Every workday is different and unique
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Benefits including time off

Quick Facts

Jobs Are Available Now
There is no doubt that dental assistants are in demand! Right now, you can find a job in almost every part of the state – big city or small town. Plus, the career is projected to grow 7% through 2029, which is much faster than the average field.
Competitive Starting Salary & Growth Potential
The amount you earn depends on where you work but the earning potential is comparative to other entry-level positions in retail and hospitality. Dental assisting can be a lifelong career, and while some people use it as a stepping-stone toward other dental careers, others gain valuable on-the-job training, increasing their skills and pay.
Career Stability
The Texas dental industry needs more dental assistants, and in this time of economic uncertainty, the profession is recession-resistant. People need dental care regardless of the economy, so they always need access to qualified professionals who can help.
Nights and Weekends Free
Dental assisting jobs come in both full and part-time positions and most dental offices have traditional hours during the week. Most dental assistants love the consistent schedule.
Low College Debt
A college degree is not required to start working as a dental assistant. You can start your career right away without accruing debt associated with a four-year college degree.
Dynamic Workplace
You will never be bored! There are a variety of responsibilities, so no day is the same as the one before. You can manage appointments and medical records one day and assist the dentist with exams the next. Eventually, you might help with x-rays and other functions. Working in a dental practice is a fast-paced and exciting work environment – there is never a dull moment!
Perfect for a “People Person”
Dental assistants meet and work with lots of different people, from all cultures and backgrounds. They are also surrounded by a team that often feels like a family.
Teamwork Makes the Dream Work
Most dental offices are calm, professional environments. While there may be stressful moments, the dental assistant is there to keep the team and the office running smoothly, providing support in a variety of capacities to assure the best experience for patients.
You are There to Help
If helping others gives you satisfaction, being a dental assistant will give you all the feels. You are there to put patients at ease, to help your team, and to make a positive impact on everyone from patients to co-workers.
Making People Smile
At the end of the day, dental professionals take pride in putting patients first and giving them a reason to smile – the best reward of all. Ask any dental assistant about the best part of their job, and chances are, you will hear wonderful stories about making a positive impact on the lives of their patients.

Dental Assistant Career Summary

Dental assistants support dentists and their patients as well as helping in the front office or lab.
Work alongside dentists during procedures
Collect patient data
Process X-rays
Counsel patients about oral health
Provide office support

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